Creative Minds Get Together
Chat About Who Knows What

Peter Lucas and Rusty Hill chat with each other and to other Creatives about the process of tapping into our creative source and the nuts and bolts of how an inspiration came about and what it takes to manifest it.

Our convos are purely organic as we chat in our true and unfiltered creative selves – which means our topics jump all over the place as we go with the flow and cover a lot of subject matter.

Full Spectrum Performance

Peter Lucas is the Founder of Full Spectrum Performance, where he heals and transforms others on a physical and spiritual level as a coach and personal trainer.

Peter is a creative with many talents and outlets of expression; he loves to sing, draw, cook, write, and spend time in nature as he continues to unfold this great mystery, that we call life… and then chats about it.

Rusty Hill is the founder of Retro Earth Studio and produces live streams shows while building online platforms; like this website.

Retro Earth Studio

Also known as R Hill, he is a serial entrepreneur who has launched a dozen start-up businesses, a couple of magazines, several radio shows, and a multitude of websites; plus, he has written a book, several screenplays and made a bunch of short films.


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