Episode 23 | Xola Malik Part 1

Creatives Chat with Xola Malik aka Kid Sensation

Creatives Chat Episode #23 Part 2 | Xola Malik aka Kid Sensation

We continue our chat with Xola Malik, also known as Kid Sensation and a member of the Grammy winning group: Sir Mix A Lot.

Xola juggles a lot of projects, as he is a recording artist, producer, actor, author, public speaker and philanthropist.

Peter and Xola talk about how life can fly by fast and how we have to cherish every moment by being our most authentic and compassionate selves.

We also discuss Xola's latest music project and what it took to develop it. www.XolaMusic.com

Join us as we dive into the creative flow and chat about who knows what.

Creatives Chat is hosted by Peter Lucas and produced by Rusty Hill.