Episode 54 Part 1

Join us as we chat with Lauren Rae Witt, a chef, artist, singer, and advocate for mental health awareness.

Lauren shares how she transitioned during the lockdown and dealt with challenges that caused some self-examination of her priorities.

We chat about: home life; mental health awareness; being a Kitchen Pirate; being mentored; reacting to people's responses; Vegan Eggs; mastering life skills; cinnamon rolls; and who knows what.

Plus, Lauren also tells us how she got into cooking in the first place and how she is pivoting into a new direction.

Episode 54 Part 2

We continue our chat with Lauren Rae Witt, a chef, artist, and advocate for mental health awareness who tells us about the new direction her life is headed in and what it takes to pivot.

We chat about making cheese; support and early eduction for the culinary arts; finding a Mentor; having a passion for cooking; simplicity and shifting from survival mode to self care; uplifting others; injecting joy into life; being vulnerable; and other catalytic and cathartic moments.

Lauren shares insightful life lessons she learned while working in the kitchen and how Mentors have transformed her path.