Episode 58 Part 1

Join us as we go on to location to the Emerald Spiral Expo and chat with the event organizer and multiple vendors.

Our first guest is Astara Briski, owner of the Emerald Spiral Expo and a longtime leader in the metaphysical community, who used to operate the Spiral Journey magazine in the 90's. Astara shares what the expo has to offer and how it has developed over the years.

We also chat with Carlene Frye, a Psychic and Medium, that shares her story of how she discovered her abilities and enlisted the aide of a mentor to help realize her purpose and develop her talents through consistent practice.

We are also joined by Beverlee Nichols, a jewelry maker and lapidary artist, who finds crystals and polishes her own gem stones. She shares how she got into her trade and what motivates her to pursue her passion of discovering hidden gems.

We had a blast at the Emerald Spiral Expo and chat with more vendors in our After Show Convo. For more information on the expo: www.EmeraldSpiral.com

Episode 58 Part 2

We continue our chat with some very interesting vendors at the Emerald Spiral Expo in Kent, Washington.

First we chat with Angela Kantjas, a psychic healer who has been attending the Emerald Spiral for years. She shares how she developed her practice and works for Source by moving energy and information. Angela works with her partner, Todd Rohlsson online at: www.HealingCouncil.com

We also chat with Aaron Houtman, a creative who learned how to make energizing copper wire wraps and shares how he got into the business of making them and the benefits of having them. Aaron also sells crystals with his wife at: www.CosmicEarthMedicine.com

Plus we chat with Nancy Seals, a certified iridologist who helps others by reading their eyes and letting them their overall health status. She shares how our truly are the windows to our soul.

We had a blast at the Emerald Spiral Expo and for more information on the expo, visit:  www.EmeraldSpiral.com